Monday, January 30, 2012

Much needed update!

 It has been waaaay too long since I have given an update on here...If you are on Instagram you understand.  It's so much easier!!
But, I have been promising so many people I would update so here we go!

Tessa finally got to leave the hospital after 3 weeks in the NICU.  It was the best Christmas present we could have asked for.  She left weighing 5lbs. 6oz. She looked (and still does) so teeny tiny in her car seat!!

Our friends threw us a super fun going away party.  It was so incredibly sad to leave Virginia Beach. We made so many amazing friends who we relied on so much.  Hopefully we will get to go back and visit!
The kids and I  flew home 4 days after Tessa got home and Noah left with the moving truck the next day.
(April Rothman and Amber Saunders)

 Once we got to AZ we stayed at my parents house for 2 weeks until our renter moved out. We had a great Christmas with our family. It was so nice to just relax a little after all the craziness that had just happen. 
(Tyler cousins reenacting the Nativity..Tessa as baby Jesus..haha)

 We moved back into our house New Years day. That was more exciting for me than Christmas!! I had been waiting for this day for 2 and a half years. Our house feels HUGE after living in an apt. for so long. We had so much help unloading everything, but my Mom was the best help of all! She is queen of organizing and pretty much had my whole kitchen perfect by a couple of hours...and of course you Maddy! Later that night Noah took the older kids to a New Years party (I stayed home since I was feeling soooo sick) and my Mom and I got almost all the boxes unpacked and put away. Well, I fed Tessa and she put away...she's amazing.

 (Ronan didn't make it to midnight)

The kids all started school a couple weeks later. Brody and Sadie did great at their new school and Ronan did more than great at his first day of pre-school. I was so surprised that he didn't cry after I dropped him off! He is growing up so sad.

The kids still fight every day to hold Tessa...she is for sure the star of the family. We love her more than life!

This is her most lay on your chest and sleep. 

Brody got baptized on January 14 with his twin cousins Emery and Matix. They are the best of friends and only 5 days apart so it was meant to be for them to be baptized together. It was such a special day. I'm so proud of Brody and the choices he makes everyday. We are so lucky to have him in our family. 
Afterward we had everyone over for lunch. It was so great to spend the day with all our family who we love so much.

Random pics of Tess. 

And other news...
Noah is studying like crazy for the Bar. He takes is Feb. 28th and 29th. 
He had a job offer..he goes in tomorrow to accept. Such a huge blessing that was. 
We are quite the scouting fam! Noah is working with the 10 yr. scouts and me with the 9 yr. old scouts. Brody is loving being a cub scout!
Noah had a Birthday and turned 32.
I started running after taking 6 months off. Holy crap am I out of shape!!
I carpool with the most amazing ladies to school. They bring my kids home every day so I don't have to wake up the baby. 
I started a dinner swap with my friend/neighbor Maddy. She makes dinner Mon. and Thurs. and me on Tues. Wed. It is soooo fun not having to think about dinner two night a week! I just hope she is liking it as much as me. 
Well, that's about it for the past 6 weeks or so! 
Life is great! 


Hess Fam said...

Thanks for the update. You look so great...and that tiny baby, so cute!!

Nicole said...

we really really really need to get together :) I wanna see and hold that sweet little girl. Maddy said maybe doing a brunch??? I'm totally in!

Katrina said...

Oh how happy this post makes me!!! You have no idea how badly I have needed to see pictures of your family! You all look great and Tess is so adorable! I want to see more pictures of your house!!! I just got an ipod...early birthday gift and I have the app for Instagram. Will you teach me how to use it???

Jon, Amber, Caleb, and Skyler said...

So excited that things are going so well for you guys. Maddy's cooking? :) Welcome back to the land of the sun!

Maddy said...

Oh my gosh, I am exhausted just reading everything. What a major overhaul of your life and yet you just smile and carry on like it's no big deal. You are amazing.

We are so excited for Noah and thrilled that he has a job. And I LOOOOOOVE our dinner co-op. It is seriously my favorite part of life right now!! I'm trying to convert everyone to this way of living. Thanks for being the best neighbor.

Judy (mom) said...

I have loved reading your new update. Wow you guys have been so busy. Your new little darling baby is so adorable. I am sure all the grams & gramps are so grateful to have you all back here safe and sound. There's no place like home!!!

Lan said...

Jill, your baby girl is as cute as can be. I am so glad to hear all is well. You know God knew who her parents needed to be, those that can just keep going through it all. So happy Noah got a job! Will be praying for him at bar time.

Kat said...

Hey girl! Crazy to think of where the time has gone. We were out on a run, and you mentioned you might be moving and Noah going to law school, and I told you were most likely headed away too. Now I have a kid, you have 4 kiddos, Noah is done with school, and you're back in your house! So amazing how things happen so fast it seems. I'm glad you are back- I know everyone missed you while you were away! Can't wait til I come in town next. It's been too long. Take care girl