Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend recap

 It has been raining for nearly a week strait! Rain boots were the best purchase I have made in the past 2 years.

 Soccer season started for Brody and Sadie. Noah is the coach for Brody's team. Brody scored the first goal on the first game...he was so proud!

 With all the rain we are forced to stay inside a lot...which leads to outfits like this.

 Saturday night Noah and I attended a dinner with Supreme court Judge Samuel Alito as the head speaker. It was part of Regent's 25th anniversary celebration. I was a little let down with the Judge....he was not the greatest speaker but I will probably never get to be in the same room as a supreme court judge again so it was fun.

Took a sunday drive to chesapeake bay area. We found this cute little spot with this lighthouse and a fun play area for kids.

Soaking in every last beach trip before we move in a couple months...

Fall is officially here!! I'm so excited for cooler weather and less humidity. Bring on the Fall baking!!
Hope you had a great weekend.


the waites said...

there is something so whimsical about a light all these!

I saw your cute pregnant SIL at Mountainside, she looks great. As do you!

Katrina said...

OHHHH YOU LOOK SOOOOO CUTE!!!! I have been waiting for just any picture of you pregnant!!! I love it!!!! Adorable girl!!