Sunday, November 13, 2011

8 years...

 Yesterday Brody turned 8...really 8??? I am so happy for him and the amazing young boy he has become but I just wish it would slow down a bit. 
I could not ask for a better first born!! Really, he is the most obedient, smart, funny, down to earth, witty, humble, best example for his younger siblings EVER! 
I love him so much and am so excited to see all the great things he will do in his life.

 He invited 6 of his best buddies to the movies and then sleepover afterwards. Sadly, the night before I was up all night throwing up and sick as can be. The next day I didn't feel any better so Noah had to take over and did pretty much the whole party. (But really I'm sure they would have preferred it that way. Noah is totally the more fun parent)
(Maddy, did this not just happen to you???)
 The party ended up being a hit and Brody said it was his best Birthday yet...score!

 Our traditional Birthday pancake..

Obviously the best thing about turning 8 is getting baptized, but he really wants to wait till we move home next month. Sooo....the next best it SCOUTS!! This kid could not stop smiling when he opened his scout uniform. He has been counting down the days to join all his friends in scouts.
Love you Brody, we are so thankful you came into our lives 8 years ago.


Katrina said...

Happy Birthday Brody!!! What an awesome kid! I was hoping to see a picture of you and your cute baby belly...and I can't believe that you are moving next month! CrAzY!!!!

Maddy said...

Oh my gosh, that DID just happen here. And I'm so excited for Brody's baptism. And for you guys to be HOOOOME!